Nutrients may cure us and may bring us into balance - this was known already 50 years ago by the biochemist Linus Pauling. He invented the term "orthomolecular medicine". "Ortho" is Greek for "correctly, good", "molecular" is Latin and means "element of substances". Food substances are meant with that, especially the ones which help us staying healthy: vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, phyto-nutrients and essential fatty acids. They can increase our immune system, prevent us from diseases or ease their course.

We from the Euro Nutrador B.V. Company compiled the most important food supplements for you. You may order them on this home page simply, fast and surely. If you just want to inform yourself, you may find her listings of the studies, which have been made up with the concerning food supplement. If you like to know even more about the origin and performing-manners of the different nutrients, we recommend you the book "Nährstoffe, Bausteine für ein gesundes Leben" written by Dr. Friedrich Douwes and Brigitte van Hattem. You can order this book also with our order form. In it you will find many tips and ideas for a reasonable application of food supplements.

We wish you being healthy!

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